The biggest ongoing problem companies face in pulling together their newsletter is a lack of organization. If you don’t publish your newsletter on a consistent basis, employees will not take it seriously. After all, haphazard publishing sends the message that it’s not important.

Create a publishing schedule for the upcoming year.
The solution is to create a publishing schedule for the entire year. Simply pull out a calendar and select the dates on which you would like the newsletter distributed. For example, many employee newsletters are put out quarterly, so a typical schedule might target these dates:

January 21
April 21
July 21
October 21

This may seem like oversimplification, but many companies have only a fuzzy idea of when they should publish each issue. To hit your targets, you first must establish them. So pick actual dates and consider them etched in stone.

Create a timeline.
Once you know your publication dates, you then work backwards to determine deadlines for:

• planning meetings
• content (articles, images, etc.)
• layout and design
• editing and proofing
• printing
• distribution

Below is a sample timeline. Once you develop your first timeline, you can use it as a guide for all future employee newsletters. A timeline will make it very easy to communicate deadlines.

Sample Timeline

With just a little organization, you’ll find yourself publishing your employee newsletter on a consistent basis.